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My Father and Grand-Father were both Pilots in the RAF. I`m sure this significantly influences my love for Aviation.

My Father flew The Vulcan, Nimrod and instructed on Jet Provosts, before heading to British Airways to fly 747-400`s.

My Grand-Father flew the Hurricane, Spitfire, Tiger Moth, Harvard, Varsity, Meteor, Piston Provost,
Jet Provost, Single Pioneer, Twin Pioneer, Chipmunk, Hunter and the Hawk.

My other Photography love is Wildlife.
Nature been a huge passion of mine from childhood.

I love the fine detail you can see in nature, from the veins in a leaf to the compound eye on a fly.

Birds of Prey are ultimately my favourite thing to photograph. I could photograph them all day everyday. Unfortunately it`s just not feasible when there's beads to be made! www.beadsbyclarescott.co.uk

Seeing a white Tailed Sea Eagle in the wild on Mull was something I`m never going to forget. I think about that place everyday... if you`re into nature and you haven`t been it really is somewhere you must visit. It`s not called Raptor Island for nothing. I saw a few Male Hen Harriers over there too, before I had my camera, they are on the top of my list of birds to photograph.

I was recently over in Denmark teaching people the art of Lampworking (glass bead making).
On my day off I went on the hunt for WT Sea Eagles, unfortunately didn`t see any there, but it was awesome to see Marsh Harriers flying over the reed beds. It is a really beautiful country. Maybe I`ll be asked to go again... I hope so. Thankyou Jette and Jens for a wonderful trip x

I love macro work too. Some things just aren`t visible with the naked eye. The detail you can achieve with the use of extension tubes and a diffuse flash is amazing.

I am learning so much everytime I go out with my camera. I don`t think I`ll ever know everything, but I`m going to damn well try. haha.

I bought my first DSLR in August 2010, a Canon 50D, but soon upgraded to my current kit.

Equipment I currently is;

Canon 1D MkIV

500mm f4 L USM

100mm f2.8 L USM

400mm f5.6 L USM

Please don`t hesitate to contact me at - claredscott@hotmail.com

I really hope you enjoy looking through my photographs.



Flickr: http:/​/​www.​flickr.​com/​photos/​23484072@N03/​
Facebook: http:/​/​www.​facebook.​com/​pages/​Clare-​Scott-​Photography/​107424845981180
Twitter: http:/​/​twitter.​com/​#​!/​ClareScottBeads

Beads by Clare Scott: http:/​/​www.​beadsbyclarescott.​co.​uk

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32.ian kettell(non-registered)
Brilliant photography I have just started taking photo,s of aircraft

your photo,s inspire me to try harder but a I think I will need a lot of
Practice to get evev a inch closer to your lovely photo,s
31.Kathryn Scorah(non-registered)
Lovely images. Bumped into your sister and her daughter at a waterfall near Whitby.
Do check out my pictures at kathrynscorahphotography.mfbiz.com
30.Pieter Johnson(non-registered)
Amazing photography. I love the aviation shots but also really appreciate the other material. Great lighting and use of depth of field
29.Dave Gahan(non-registered)
Stunning professional photography, A joy to view and a inspiration for me to try to achieve stunning images in my wildlife photography
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